Potter's Field in Review!

I am thrilled to announce that after playing a number of festivals around the country, Potter's Field has it's first reviews and they are FANTASTIC!

Film Threat Review of Potter's Field by Mark Bell

Film Threat is an incredibly well respected film site that does reviews of both recently released Hollywood films and independent productions. They keep a close eye on the festival circuit and offer up to date news on all the latest happenings in the film markets around the country. We are especially priviledged to have Mark Bell, the owner and editor-in-chief of Film Threat, review our film. He gave us five stars, which is quite impressive considering that he averages around 2-3 stars on his other reviews (not an easy grader by any means!) Most satisfying of all though, is how he really got exactly what we were going for. I honestly could not have written a better review myself!

Man, I Love Films Review of Potter's Field by Kai Parker

Man, I Love Films is a website I recently became aware of, and it's tremendous fun. A bit more campy than Film Threat, Man I Love Films does reviews, blogs, top 10 lists, and seasonal write-ups with articles like "Kai's Top 10 Gory Movie Moments." Again, we were very privileged to have Kai Parker review our film (he's the co-founder of the website) after seeing Potter's Field at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival.

Temecula Patch Review of Potter's Field by Jacqui Dobens

Temecula Patch is Temecula, CA's online newspaper, providing the community with news, reviews, events, and op-ed articles. Jaacqui Dobens likened the Temecula Valley International Film Festival to a buffet and we are certainly glad she like the portion we had at the table!

Here's hoping these are the first of many favorable reviews to come our way! Major congratulations to all the cast and crew who worked so tirelessly on this film. My hat goes off to you all!


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