Brad Crowe - Writer/Director

The son of an airline pilot and flight attendant, Brad Crowe grew up overseas in Singapore and was exposed at an early age to the world of theater, music, and politics. An avid musician, actor/director, and student politician, Brad quickly learned the importance of a social conscience in the arts.

After fulfilling a BA with a double major in film production and film studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada on a full scholarship, Brad is attending the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, completing an MFA in film production with an emphasis in writing, producing, and directing. He has recently recieved such prestigious awards as the Thomas B. Bush memorial scholarship, the Albert R. Broccoli scholarship for excellence in film, and the Charles and Lucille King Finishing Fund grant. Brad's first short film, "Control" won numerous awards from various international film festivals and is currently in worldwide distribution.

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