Poppy Jasper Film Festival!
Potter's Field is an official selection of the 8th annual Poppy Jasper Film Festival!

MovieMaker Magazine states this as "one of the top 25" festivals for bringing filmmakers and movie industry professionals together in a warm, friendly environment!

The film will screen not once but twice at the CineLux Theaters in beautiful Morgan Hill, California!
Poppy Jasper Film Festival (October 13th - 16th)
First "Potter's Field" Screening: Friday, Oct 14th, 2011, 5PM
Second "Potter's Field" Screening: Saturday, Oct 15th, 2011, 1PM
Note: "Potter's Field" plays in "Reel 8" of the program
CineLux Theaters, Tennant Station Shopping Center (750 Tennant Station Way, Morgan Hill, CA 95037)
The Poppy Jasper Film Festival's mission is to showcase emerging independent short films in an intimate setting,in addition to exposing new filmmakers to seasoned industry professionals. Not to mention, it is the only home of the rare, semi-precious gemstone (the "poppy jasper") noted for its red and yellow "orbs" on a field of black or white.

Poppy Jasper has honored a number of notable film professionals in the past (John Bruno - Special Effects, The Terminator, True Lies, Titanic and Victor Miller - Writer, Friday the 13th, among many others). This year, cinematographer Vance Piper will be doing the keynote speech (he has worked on over 50 movies including The Terminator, Forrest Gump, and Avatar) where he will discuss techniques, ideas, and lessons learned during his career.
We are incredibly honored to play this festival and who knows, we might just find the elusive Poppy Jasper gemstone!

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