Barry Ashley as "Grave Digger"

Born in the depths of a Brooklyn, N.Y. slum, Barry fought his way out to become a photographer, but the Army shortened that attempt.

 Photography restarted after that and a few years later he started shooting commercials. Acting off- off- off Broadway was fun, too. A business deal moved the family to Toronto where he continued his still and TVC work. Midlife crisis led him to open a restaurant, The Peasant's Larder, which became a Mexican restaurant in a city without Mexican food. Importing food was next till his "Retirment." In 1991 he moved to L.A. to study acting and to sit by the phone waiting for parts. "The Gilmore Girls, Friends," and some weird soap opera were some of the venues where he invaded the craft tables.

At this time, as he waits by the phone, he and Dr. B.B. are re-re-rewriting a script for TV about a doctor that deals with sex.

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