Anne Ford Galiana as "Kim Hexler"

Anne is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. Since moving to Los Angeles, Anne has starred in several independent films that have debuted at major film festivals including Tribeca and Toronto.

Recently, a film she starred in, Henry John and the Little Bug, directed by JT Mollner, won the Audience Choice Award and Honorable Mention at the 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival. Anne is currently a series regular playing Nurse Barbara Arbara on the hysterical and irreverent web series, Space Hospital (, created by Robert Poe and Sig Ueland, airing now on the premier web series site, Anne was a co-host on the ESPN2 series, Inside Monster Jam and has starred in two television pilots. Anne's commercial credits include principal roles in spots for Listerine, Oust and Universal Studios, among others.

She has a background in theater and enjoys being on-stage. One of her favorite shows, The Bed, directed by Rob Mello, was completely comprised of long-form improv. She was also in the year-long run of the critically acclaimed long-form improv show, Tell Me My Secrets, directed by Fran Montano.

Anne is currently completing production of a short film she wrote, produced and starred in. Look for Anne in the upcoming feature film, An Average American Marriage, written and directed by Charles Emmett. Many thanks to Brad and the rest of the cast and crew!

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