Patrick Knipe - Sound Designer

Patrick was found as a 3 day old newborn abandoned in a picnic basket on a grave mound in the Potter's Field Cemetery of Glenwood, NJ.

During those first 3 days he survived by eating the Peanut M&Ms that filled the basket around him to keep his chubby little form from flopping about. The wooden cross grave marker under which he lay read "Pa Trick" which is how he came by his name. So when Brad Crowe asked him to sound Design Potter's Field, a wave of nostalgia washed over his soul and he couldn't say no.

Patrick holds a BA from Boston College, but his communication skills were so poor that the Jesuit's sent him to Oxford University for a year so the English could make him drink tea mixed with milk, which cured him of his Jersey speak. Before heading West to film school, Patrick worked as a radiology network departmental coordinator, a medical credientialer, a dog kennel assistant, a landscaper, a library assistant, a food slip dining hall server, a museum grunt, and a baseball umpire and soccer referee.

Patrick holds an MFA in Film and TV Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He was a finalist for the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Award and the 2010 recipient of the Verna Fields Award for Sound Editing at the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reels. He has sound designed more than 25 narrative and documentary award winning films. As a sound editor and mixer his clients have included Pepsi, Disney, Tor Books, and Herbalife. Most recently he sound designed the Doritos "Pug Attack" Super Bowl XLV Commercial which took #1 on the USA Today Ad Meter.

Patrick loves to combine playfulness and gritty realism with technical expertise in his sound design. His mission is to entertain, delight, and help bring stories to the flickering screen that captivate and move the soul.

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